Strategic Design - design leadership

My design experience ranges from architecture, research & development to digital products (UX) and services. All of these things have taught me that successful design depends a number of things: development of thoughtful details, how the creators collaborate and how people perceive the end result.

I have shifted my focus from the technologies involved to how design applies to groups, relationships and businesses. 

Design is about problem solving. My goal is to share what I know about design, its value, and the people who create it, so you can make the best decisions for you or your company.

I can help you and your organisation become design enabled.


Many people experience tension in their personal of professional life. 

You experience a misalignment of your values to your present ambitions or role. As a result you may doubt your competence and struggle to move forward in your present situation.

As a CTI trained coach I can help you uncover your true values and strengths and guide you so you can move closer to the person you want to be. I believe the coaching skills have become central for personal and leadership development that is effective for our current times.


Teaching a learning is a significant part of my own development and career. The feeling of mastering a subject and then communicating tools and insights so the learners understand and can apply this information is what motivates me. 

I have developed and held course at Bergh’s School of Communication, Nackademin and Hyper Island in Stockholm.

I also conduct workshops in the area of Design Thinking, Idea Generation and Refinement and Systems Thinking. 

I´ve had the big pleasure of having Christopher teaching the Lean UX course as part of the UX program at Nackademin.

During my time at Nackademin, Christopher is one of the lecturers who have delivered the highest course evaluation on a course. In other words, great drive, challenging tasks for the students together with a lot of inspiration to the class throughout the course.

Mikael Bowman - Education Manager, Nackademin


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